Rethink your relationship with nature

explore. learn. protect.



One World Adventure is a community based 501(c)3 Outdoor Education Organization. 

We love to teach about the outdoors, collaborate & take people on amazing adventures.

Experience has shown us that Adventure is the only way some people ever truly find themselves or learn what they're capable of. Adventures are rights of passage, in a sense.  So, while we are adventuring we are also growing as people.

Its important for us to have fun and respect the environment. After all, we only have One World. 

Our partners are awesome! Partnerships allow us to share our region's most incredible natural resources like Little River. By elevating student's respect for the environment we are also making responsible outdoor recreation enthusiasts and lifelong stewards. 


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Research shows, summer camp builds self-esteem and skills in all things wild & adventurous!  Campers gain valuable knowledge about the importance of preserving our abundant recreational opportunities. Led by trained and certified outdoor instructors, your child will experience activities such rappelling, rock climbing, kayaking, and  thrill seeking hikes! 



One World Adventure offers a wide array of engaging classes and programs, during every season of the year for schools, student groups, scouting groups, teachers  and more. From 1 day field trips to  year around after-school programs, we can design a program that suits your needs. 



Swim under waterfalls, climb sandstone cliffs, paddle wild and scenic rivers, challenge who you think you are and discover something more! 
Through our guided and unguided adventures along Lookout Mountain, you will fall in love with the natural world and all its wonders. 

Little River is our new, favorite place!